In-depth study and innovative approach in a classical way bring together a solution to an ailment at the clinic. The Clinic is well equipped with all the facilities to take care of all emergencies, acute and chronic diseases (non-hospitalised) We provide the finest and best of treatment which is given after identifying, analysing and evaluating the thought process inside the sick individual and have a reputation to treat acute and chronic diseases of the patients. We basically undertake the diagnosis based on physical, mental and general symptoms but it's our firm faith that maximum diseases start from mental disturbances as it is said :- "THE MIND IS THIKNING AND THE BODY IS SUFFERING" We are well equiped to provide Homoeopathic online consultation to the patients who are far away from our headquarters, with a prior appointment. Shreyance Clinic has two branches in the city for your convenience. Both clinics are located in centre of city Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India. Friends, we are going through difficult times and everybody is feeling unhappy, because life and time has become so difficult and fast that a person is forced to think. A person is thinking but his body is suffering, because of tension based lifestyle, the total story is changed. All the time person is engrossed in something or other and at times he doesn't know even, whether he is coming or going. All this is putting pressure on the person, with the result he starts going to the specialists for his aliments and what he gets is a palliative treatment. For his ailments, as long as he takes it, it's ok, the moment it is stopped the ailments come back again and if he continues with the drugs, the ailments takes a different turn meaning thereby one ailment give rise to another ailment with the result the chain continues without any respite. That means there is no cure at all because the origin i.e. thinking is not changed at all or has not been cured and so ailment continues in some form or other and ultimately gets out of hands. Friends, tension is a very small word but has a deep meaning. If a child is not doing well, the parents have a tension, if a husband is not doing well wife has a tension, if a husband and wife are quarreling then the child has a tension. These days what is happening in society is also a cause of worry. It is not only atmospheric pollution which definitely is a cause for physical ailments but it also results into mental confusion and tension because when the body is not well, the mind is distracted. Apart from this, under the guise of modernization and modern thinking the society is getting perverted which is mental pollution. With modern gadgets in life, which are meant for simplifying it, the life has become more complex and in the rat race of the competition the person again gets stuck with the result the part of the body which is the weakest gets affected first and that is the beginning of the illness. It can be either heart, liver, pancreas, joints or anything. It is just the thought process which is causing all this and to cure all this with mental symptoms is by Homoeopathy only, where the treatment is that of a person, not of specific part of the body which is the basic principle of homoeopathy, which is safest amongst all pathies of the treatment and at SHREYANCE CLINIC it is our endeavour to ascertain the mental symptoms of a patient and on the basis of it we treat the patients. Since it is our firm faith that if the thought process is corrected, the ailments will be corrected automatically*